Interview With Neil Merryweather Of MERRYWEATHER STARK 2018


Some musical combinations just happen, and when they happen magic suddenly appears. The pairing up of Merryweather Stark is just such an occasion. Neil Merryweather has a long career as a singer, bass player, composer and producer including playing and recording with Mama Lion, Heavy Cruiser, Eyes, Lita Ford, Steve Miller, Randy California, Hundred Watt Head and of course under his own name, delivering the classic “Kryptonite” and “Space Rangers” albums.



    Guitarist, Janne Stark has released numerous albums with bands like Overdrive, Grand Design, Constancia, Locomotive Breath, BALLS and Mountain of Power. The latter was also the project that started this whole journey, when Neil did a guest spot on two tracks and Janne covered two of Neil’s songs on the third Mountain of Power album “Volume Three”.


       When the Mountain of Power recording was finished, Stark and Merryweather started talking about the possibility of doing something further together. Janne sent Neil a song he had been working on just to see if it would work. Two days later Neil had written lyrics and vocal melodies for the track, and “Babylon – Sin City” was a born! From there on it was full throttle! Now the duo’s debut album Carved in Rock is complete.


              Stark says, “The writing process has been so effortless and so much fun. Some songs I’ve had the basic musical idea for, sent it to Neil, he got back with vocal ideas and lyrics, maybe switched things around so that the bridge became a chorus and the solo section became a verse. Some songs Neil came up with and I added some additional ideas. We also did a re-recording of one of Neil’s old tracks: “Always Be You”, which he still sings in the same key it was originally recorded in 1974.” The track will appear as a bonus track for the vinyl version of Carved In Rock.

            When it came to the mixing of the album, it didn’t take long to realize the most perfect person to mix it was Martin J Andersen, who also mixed the Mountain of Power album, plus he’s a great singer and   guitarist (Blindstone, Meridian) who understands the genre. Janne and Neil were aiming for a classic, dynamic, seventies oriented sound without sounding dated. All real acoustic drums, bass, guitars and tube amps, like it’s supposed to be! Drums on the album were handled by “TrumPeter” Svensson, whom Janne has been working with since the 80s in various bands, including Locomotive Breath, Constancia and Mountain of Power.


Musically, the Merryweather Stark album contains a blend of heavy guitar riffs, chunky drum playing and fat bass topped with Neil’s powerful and melodic vocals. The music features a mix of crunchy riff rock, funky rhythms, seventies hard rock, high speed riffs, mid paced classic rock and a touch of bluesy licks. The lyrics ranges from tongue-in-cheek stuff such as “Rockers Lament” to things that reflect what happening in the world today, like “What’s It Gonna Be” and “Give ‘Em Hell, Boy.”





Interview With Dave Carroll Of Abstract Manner 2018


Abstract Manner

Abstract Manner
“A thousand roses I will lay at your feet. If you would love me again.” A true love
story of obsession, possession and persuasion. Watch the video “Predator” by
Abstract Manner to be seduced into the story of allurement. Bringing back music
videos that we once loved in the days of MTV, videos that tell the tales of the song
and entertain us with their pleasure, is what Abstract Manner aims to do to entice
its viewers.



With vocal ranges that are not at all simplistic or standard, guitar riffs that paint
the scene to the song and percussion that keeps the heart pounding, Abstract
Manner is sure to inveigle.










Interview With Shaun Smail Vocalist – Guitar Of Spiral Crush 2018




With catchy, hard-hitting riffs, heavy bass and relentless percussion, Spiral Crush is one of Michigan’s emerging rock bands that cannot be ignored. Consistently delivering high-energy, unforgettable live performances, this band reminds us what loving and experiencing rock ‘n’ roll is all about. Their sound is diverse and contains undertones of classic and alternative rock.


Spiral Crush consists of brothers Shaun (vocals/guitar) and Scott Smail (drums) along with longtime friend Jimmy Conrad (bass). Growing up together, this trio always knew that music would be a part of their past, present and future. Their shared passion for music, from writing to performing, is one of the many reasons why they work and play so well together.


The band independently released their self titled debut album in 2001 before Scott and Shaun joined another band, Throttlebody, which featured Andy Patalan and Kyle Neely of Detroit rock band, Sponge.


In 2007, the guys came back together with Jimmy and released their second album, “Nothing to Lose.” The title track, “Fall from Grace,” and “Bottoming Out” showcase their “in- your-face rock ‘n’ roll” style which has been well-received by Detroit rock stations 89x and WRIF 101.1. Spiral Crush continues to build a solid reputation as an aggressive, American Rock band, and has shared stages with national acts such as Buckcherry, Seether, Jet, Sponge, Halestorm, and many others.


Spiral Crush will be back in the studio in this June to record their third album and continue to work on setting precedence throughout the Midwest as a talented, genuine rock band that is to be reckoned with.








Interview With Randy V Vocalist – Producer Of The Haunted North 2018

Driving music, powerful vocals, and mind-altering hooks of The Haunted North (THN) merge in the band’s debut release, Monster. Damien vocalist Randy V and Sean Francis, along with John ‘JD’ DeServio and Jeff Fabb from Black Label Society, create groove rock that is as fresh as it is familiar.


Monster has the impact of a steamroller… straightforward, raw, with no pretense. It incites a marching sensation you’re compelled to give in to and the haunting lyrics match the name of the project. The memorials, “Body & Soul” and “Without a Dawn” are moving and moody. The opening track Mojave Moon originated from hallucinations induced by hours of blistering heat as Randy rode his Indian motorcycle across the Mojave Desert in the middle of July. With the moon in front of him and the burning sun behind, he reached a moment of real connection with life and death. The other songs, seething with attitude about determining one’s fate, challenging religious dogma, battling with codependency, and deciding how one lives and dies… are all in your face and undeniable.


THN single Body & Soul (2015) came about because of a fated meeting between Randy and the mother of Layne Staley, the deceased famed singer of Alice In Chains. Her story inspired Randy to write tribute lyrics. Shortly after that, he and Canadian guitarist Sean Francis met at a Black Label Society concert in Seattle. Randy mentioned he was looking for music for the song and the two were off and running.


After “Body & Soul”, Sean asked Black Label society’s bassist John ‘JD’ DeServio and drummer Jeff Fabb to lay down tracks for Monster. They agreed and Randy and Sean began writing in February of 2017. Sean sums up the project, “The winds of fate were working their magic when a small-town Canadian kid and an American bad ass singer happened to be at the same place, at the same time, with the same ideas and wanting the same things to happen. Both fans of BLS, we met at one of their shows and after establishing an easy friendship, we were ready to ignite some sonic dynamite. I’ve had the time of my life with good friends making the album I’ve always wanted to hear and now it’s time to unleash it upon the world!”


The honesty of THN’s overall concept “to simply be” is clearly heard on Monster and Randy relates, “We are far beyond the need to prove ourselves to anyone. These songs are raw, honest, hard-hitting, and undeniably relevant. Sean has written some truly great riffs and it’s been an honor working with JD and Jeff. They are exceptional.”


The Haunted North stands out because in a world where it’s all been done before, these men maintain their identities. That rare, pure authenticity is at the heart of their music.








Interview With Ronny Hemlin Of TAD MOROSE 2018




Celebrating their twenty seventh year as one of Sweden’s most beloved traditional metal bands Bolinas based TAD MOROSE unleash their tenth album (not including 2000’s compilation ‘Reflections’, naturally titled Chapter X.


After the release of ‘St. Demonius,’ the quintet took to the road to do what they do best, destroy clubs, theatres and festival stages all across the European continent. “2015 and 2016 was the same as always with these guys – lots of fun touring and collecting souls, or as most people call it ‘gaining new fans,’” says singer Ronny Hemlin.


The band spent much of 2017 holed up in Hemlin’s Studio Claustrophobic and working at the pace of “freedom.” There was no pressure or time restraints so the five worked when they wanted and how they wanted. “The actual recording process was the same as for the two previous albums,” says guitarist Christer Krunt Andersson. “Kenneth recorded his guitars at his place and I recorded mine at my studio. The drums, bass and vocals were recorded at Studio Claustrophobic. This way we all can record whenever we want. Then we meet up and listen through everything at Studio Claustrophobic and add some bits and pieces. Then when we are satisfied it goes into mixing. The mixing was done yet again by Ronny and his studio partner Johan.”


Chapter X opens with the powerful “Apocalypse,” a semi-proggy, symphonic melodic metal tune loaded with a chorus that kicks the listener in the ass while “Deprived of Light” is straight up double bass melodic power metal with a stench of 80s Germany yet very modern at the same time. “I am Night” is a fist to the face with a chorus that screams for an audience sing-along and album closer, “… Yet Still You Preach” calms things down with an atmospheric feel.


Signing with GMR Music in the spring of 2018, TAD MOROSE has a new home to tie to their new chapter. “It feels great to have signed with GMR!” Andersson declares. “We are really looking forward to see how this will evolve. We’ve got some shows booked for the summer and more to come. It feels great to get back on the stage again since playing live is the fuel in our engine.





Interview With Dawn Woodkill Of Murder Weapons 2018

The sound of Murder Weapons has been described as Shock Rock
Horror Industrial, and the Industrial Motley Crue. Samples from actual
serial killer trials, horror flicks and other intriguing auditory terrors are
amply delivered by this quartet, punctuating the tracks with bloody
theatrics. Live shows feature a “splash zone” of blood, glitter and
various body parts. Audiences have become accustomed to this
delightful debauchery, featuring gory visuals, murder weapons and
blood splattered cage dancers.


Murder Weapons was born in 2012 with founder and bassist Jesse
Razorr writing music based on a fascination with serial killers, horror
and the finer things in life. His longtime collaborator Dawn Woodkill
hails from the top 40 scene, bringing her power vocals to the party. In
2016, Billy Mace graced their presence with his hard-hitting drumming,
and in 2017, Shon Shiv finalized the lineup with his guitar assaults. Their
first music video for the track HIVE was released in January 2018 to
rave reviews.




Reverb Nation






Interview With Camron Scism Of Seasons Of Me 2018















Interview With Former Lead Vocalist David Williams Of KILLINGER 2018




From the sonic frontier of Western Canada, a new band has emerged that is surprising many with a fresh new style and sound. The band is called KILLINGER and its genesis came about when Dave Williams and Kevin Morin (lead vocalist and guitarist respectively) decided to team up to write intensively for an original project in 2008. Previously, Dave was lead vocalist for the tribute band, Rattpoison, while Kevin played guitar with Bonafide and Face First. Between them, they had supported numerous bands including BuckCherry, Jackyl, State of Shock, Econoline Crush and Vince Neil. “We talked about combining our skills to create a concept” states Kevin.


The concept was structured around key elements of†metal music that would emphasize melody and powerful delivery. Unlike many new hard rock acts, the project was to feature technical expertise in the musicianship while being accessible. The band was looking for a big sound and “I wanted it to be the biggest I’ve ever witnessed” says Dave. “The writing process for the album came together very naturally and easily.” “It came together so quickly that we needed a producer immediately” says Kevin. Rick Plester, who is with Black Symphony and has worked with guitar legends Michael Schenker and George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob), recorded and produced the debut album.Rick also appears as a guest guitar soloist. He helped get George Lynch as a guest artist and called on powerhouse drummer, Pete Holmes, to play all drums on the debut disk.

Pete was a perfect fit for the sound of the band as he had extensive experience with hard rock group Black ‘n Blue as well as with Malice, Monster, Ian Gillan, Ted Nugent, Black Symphony and the Michael Schenker Group. R.J. Killinger plays bass on the debut recording but was unable to tour so Justin Craig was recruited as bassist, Bill Bourne, contributed background vocals to the self-titled KILLINGER album.
The songs caught the attention of legendary mixer/engineer Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Metallica, Aerosmith) and he has brought them to a new level with his talent. In addition, Vision Entertainment (Geoff McLean, Katharine Wilson) produced the video for the first single “Holding On” with director Marc Ricciardelli.
The video marks the debut of new drummer Chris Challice who was brought on board since Pete was busy touring with the Michael Schenker Group. Chris had recently been playing with a Motley Crue tribute band based out of Calgary. His true Crue roots, live performance antics and admiration of Tommy Lee made him a natural for KILLINGER. The chemistry of this band is truly amazing.


The huge sound captured on the first KILLINGER album is a crucial part of the band’s live performance. Anyone who has seen the band perform will likely say it was “LOUD”. This is the way rock music should be heard. The unique look, persona, energy, special effects and on-stage antics are all parts of the KILLINGER live show which is the very best way to experience KILLINGER.
It will be an experience you won’t soon forget.





Interview With Cole Stevens Of Snake Eyes Seven 2018


Back with a vengeance, Canadian heavy metal artist SNAKE EYES SEVEN has their eye on the prize. Four years since the release of 13 Crows, founding member, guitarist, and chief song writer Cole ‘The Madman’ Stevens is ready to roll the dice one more time. Currently in the studio recording the latest opus titled ‘Medicine Man’ with legendary producer and now full-time guitarist Cam MacLeod, the ‘Madman’ has recruited front-man Danny Deane who instills an impeccable vocal style delivers the music like no other before. The rhythm section is tightly nailed down by bassist Mike Cillis and drummer Erik Young both contributing a heavier core than ever before. ‘Medicine Man’ will prove to be the best slab of heavy metal created by the band to date and put them on the map for metal genres world-wide to take notice.


Over the years SNAKE EYES SEVEN has continued to evolve as a great band should, musically and professionally. The new SNAKE EYES SEVEN is a group of seasoned metal veterans. Cam MacLeod validates the band’s credibility and solidifies the band’s musicianship as a whole. Bassist Mike Cillis yields the ‘heaviness’ to catapult the songs forward. Yet it’s the driving force of drummer Erik Young that wraps the package neatly into monstrous metal sound. The Sabbath-esque qualities of SNAKE EYES SEVEN still remain evident but now vocalist Danny Deane has the pure talent to deliver strong and powerful vocals with warm melodies yet he retains that raspy growl as needed. SNAKE EYES SEVEN is the complete package that continues to churn out great music time and time again. It is time for fans to gather in masses and really discover SNAKE EYES SEVEN.




HighVolMusic LLC


Interview With Chaz Bond Of BioGenesis 2018

Chaz Bond – Lead Vocals
James Riggs – Rhythm Guitar
Luke Nealeigh – Lead Guitar
Sam Nealeigh – Keyboard
Dan Nealeigh – Bass Guitar
Eli Closson – Drums


BioGenesis, a Hybrid Metal band located in Dayton, Ohio, was formed by vocalist Chaz Bond in 1996. After
fronting several local Rock and Metal bands, Chaz had grown tired of being in bands that only called for use of
one vocal style. This led him to form his own project, where he envisioned that he would be able to combine
musical styles and genres that were often considered a contrast to one another. Having a strong belief in God,
Chaz chose the name BioGenesis to represent his opinion on, and passion for the “creation vs. evolution”

In 1998, Chaz and drummer Joe Jonker entered a local studio and recorded the “Tunnel Vision” demo, with
Chaz performing the guitar and bass tracks in addition to the vocals. Shortly after recording the demo, Chaz’s
long-time friend James Riggs became the band’s guitarist.

With several new songs written, BioGenesis re-entered the studio in 1999 to record another demo, with
local bassist Ed Girard temporarily handling bass duties. This demo, which included the first versions of Bio
classics “The Mark Bleeds Through” and “Digging Your Grave”, led to the band happily welcoming bassist
Randy Walton as the newest official member.

In 2000, The band signed with Rowe Productions, an Australian label owned by Mortification front-man
Steve Rowe. Before entering a studio to record their full-length debut album, the band asked long-time
drummer Joe Jonker to step down, as the increasing technicality of their songs became too difficult to play
smoothly. A short search provided the band with drummer Nevin Cline, who was brought into the band just in
time to begin recording.

After completing the sessions for their debut album, the band was surprised to be informed by Rowe
Productions that the album’s production was not up to their par, and that the band would need to start from
scratch with a producer of the label’s choosing. With only a few days to record the album again, the band
quickly re-entered the studio with the label’s producer.

As James was recording his guitar parts, he became dissatisfied with his sound, and decided to tune
several steps lower than normal without consulting the rest of the band. This surprised Chaz, as he was now
unexpectedly faced with recording the album in an unfamiliar key. Nevertheless, the label was satisfied with
this new version of the album and it was released in 2001 as “The Mark Bleeds Through”.

“The music on The Mark Bleeds Through, I would describe as kind of a mid-paced thrash sound, almost a
groove metal, post-thrash thing. Very plodding, doomy and heavy. There are some monster riffs going on here,
which does get my head nodding along. The thing that sets the band apart, is the vocalist’s ability to go from a
deep baritone symphonic style…to a thrash scream and growling when needed. This is definitely not cookiecutter
metal here.”

After a US tour with label-mates Mortification, the band began writing for their second album. Unfortunately,
things began to unravel for the band as lineup changes and label issues slowed their progress. Both Nevin and Randy stepped down from the band, and as several replacements came and went, Chaz and James elected to
begin recording their second release, to be titled “Peace, Love, and Hypocrisy”, by themselves.

Enlisting Deliverance front-man Jimmy P. Brown as their producer, Chaz and James recorded the song
“Fallback” in 2002, which was subsequently released on Roxx Records’ Metal Marti Gras compilation. The
band requested a release from Rowe Productions, and signed a contract with Jimmy’s new label. This
connection proved too good to be true as Jimmy soon moved to Nevada, and the band was unable to travel
the distance to complete the recording of the new album. Chaz and James attempted several more lineups,
even recording the song “Catalyst For Malice” in 2004 with Chaz’s brother Seth Bond producing. This attempt
at completing the second album also proved ill-fated. Unfortunately, in 2005, a falling-out between Chaz and
James led to Chaz deciding to end the band, leaving fans worldwide disappointed that there would be no
sophomore release.

In 2009, Chaz decided to reform BioGenesis. Although he was busy with his other projects (he had replaced
David Taylor as the lead vocalist in Power Metal band Jacobs Dream in 2003, as well as starting another band,
Human Paradox in 2005), Chaz and James mended their friendship and began to seek out a way to finally
record another album. They signed with RetroActive Records and began their search for a drummer and

Eventually, they enlisted both Nevin Cline and Randy Walton to rejoin the band for the reunion album.
Adding Paul Witte as a second guitarist, they began recording with Jacobs Dream drummer Gary Holtzman
producing. In 2010, the band decided to request a release from RetroActive Records after several unexpected
delays, and quickly signed with the England-based Soundmass Records instead.

After several complications and delays, the band released the long-awaited “The Rise, The Fall, The
Rebirth” in 2012. Although fraught with production and performance issues, the fans were happy to finally hear
the new songs they were promised several years prior.

“BioGenesis makes a seamless transition between The Mark Bleeds Through and The Rise, The Fall, The
Rebirth by continuing to focus on diversity. It starts with how the group takes a foundation of straightforward
heavy metal and mixes it with strong doses of thrash, modern groove, progressive and Gothic metal. Yes, a
wide array of styles, many of which make separate appearances within the same song, but it serves to support
the BioGenesis strength of walking a fine line between the aggressive (with bone crushing heaviness and
occasional extreme moments) and melodic (the material here is quite listenable – almost accessible – despite
the angst). This turbulent but creative merging of contrasts play out on the nine original The Rise, The Fall,
The Rebirth compositions and two bonus tracks…”

Unfortunately, complications in James’ life led to him once again stepping down from the band following the
release of the album. After Paul Witte also left the group, Chaz enlisted former Human Paradox guitarist Darin
Moore, and keyboardist Evan English to fill the vacancies. This lineup began to play shows promoting the new
album, gaining a large local following.

In 2013, Soundmass Records released “The Mark Bleeds Through: First Blood” which was the original
recording of the band’s debut album that Rowe Productions had rejected. The album also included three tracks
from the Tunnel Vision demo, as well as two tracks from the 1999 demo.

In 2014, after headlining two shows in Puerto Rico, the band entered a local studio to record what was
intended to become their third album, to be titled “Devolved”. Unfortunately, the revolving door of musicians
struck again, with Darin and Randy suddenly leaving the band. Darin also requested that none of the songs
written while he was in the band be used, leaving the band to start from scratch. Chaz, Nevin, and Evan
recruited a new lineup, including the return of James Riggs. This lineup, however, suffered from logistical
problems and disbanded after a few rehearsals, once again leaving fans without a promised album.

Although Chaz had begun another very successful project (Letters to the Blind), fans continually demanded
a BioGenesis reunion. In 2015, Chaz and James recruited local musicians Luke and Majennica Nealeigh to
begin secretly writing for the band’s third album. Shortly after, Chaz invited Luke and Majennica’s younger
brother Sam to play Keyboard, and their father Dan to play Bass.

On New Year’s Day 2016, BioGenesis announced it’s official comeback, releasing a re-recorded version of
the song “Never” (originally from The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth), and announcing that the band had begun
recording it’s third album, to be titled “A Decadence Divine”, with guitarist Luke Nealeigh producing. This news
was released to overwhelmingly positive response.

A few months later, the band released a brand new track “Inside the Beast” on Facebook, and launched a
private group page where members of the band could post videos of the making of the new album for it’s fanbase
to watch. This led to BioGenesis signing a contract with Roxx Records in August of 2016.

BioGenesis’ third album “A Decadence Divine” was released in May of 2017 by Roxx Records to great
applause, with many fans and critics alike calling it BioGenesis’ best effort to date!

In July of 2017, as the band began to discuss what to do different with a follow-up album, drummer
Majennica Nealeigh unexpectedly announced that she would be moving to Athens, Ohio, where her boyfriend
was attending college. After a few months of trying to make the 6 hour round-trip work around the band’s
schedule, Majennica suggested that the band find a replacement drummer that could be more dedicated.
While no one in the band was happy to see her leave, the group agreed that it would be easier for all involved
to find a replacement.

The band began working with Eli in secret, while also writing new songs for the next album. The band
played it’s first show with Eli at the beginning of December 2017. The newest lineup was extremely wellreceived
by the old and new fans in attendance!

n January of 2018, the band officially announced Eli as it’s new drummer, and also announced that the
band had begun work on an EP to be titled “Black Widow”. The EP will include a cover song from Deliverance’s
album “Weapons of Our Warfare”, re-recordings of two old BioGenesis classics, as well as two brand new
songs! This will be a warm up for the band before it begins recording it’s fourth official album, which has not yet
been officially announced.

The band is extremely excited to release this EP to everybody, and could not be more pleased to be
working with Roxx Records! The band would like to thank every fan new and old for continuing to support us
after all these years; Bill and everyone at Roxx Productions for offering us this awesome chance to extend our
ministry to places we never would have been able to take it on our own; and of course, our Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ for reasons FAR too many to list!



Roxx Records