For Jim Madonna, having faith in God and a love for music is simply a part of his life. But it was his passion for music and the close friendship of his cousin James Fricano that brought his life to where it is today.


Fricano was a musician, played bass guitar and worked in construction on the side. It was then that he brought Jim on board as a tile setter. Playing on the Dakota Album, “Runaway” in 1984, the sparks really ignited his passion for music to a whole new level.


Madonna went on the road with his cousin as a stage hand to help out with many of the concerts they performed while Fricano played in the band “The Force”. The band on one occasion shared the stage while playing in New York with Benny Mardones in 1980.


Eventually their journey ended through no fault of their own never losing touch with one another. The “Good ole Days” was always a good part of their conversations! Then the day came that changed everything in Jim Madonna’s life with an unexpected turn. A call from Fricano’s family came with the tragic news that his cousin James had died. He was beyond devastated. Fricano was more than a cousin, he was his best friend. They shared so much more than friendship together in so many aspects of their lives.


A few years later, God started showing Jim that he wanted to use the desires in his heart, and his passion for music in a mighty way… But first he had to let go of the hurt he had deep within him from the loss of his cousin. In letting go of this hurt…It restored his Faith! God began showing up in ways that made it clear that He had a plan for him, and where Jim needed to be… and that was his passion for music! Getting involved on Facebook was the stepping stone that began opening opportunities in the music industry through genres of music.


Jim’s original intention was to provide interviews from Indie to Mainstream in the “Rock” genre only. He realized how many of the artists he was communicating with were not only heavily impacted by so many changes in the industry and the economy, but also lacked the funding to promote themselves. Jim decided that it might be time to step out of his comfort zone and explore all genres of music… which is now where he is today.


In Loving Memory To My Cousin James “Champagne” Fricano
            Love Ya Man!