Interview With Josh Roach Of Reliance Code 2018

Reliance Code








Reliance Code Is a 5-piece alternative-metal/active rock band out of the Eastern Oklahoma region. The band was founded in late 2014 by lead-singer Todd Falconer, and bassist Josh Roach. Shane Diego (guitarist/back-up vocalist) joined the group shortly after. After much searching, drummer Chris Law, and lead guitarist Cody Peebles were brought in to
complete the band. (Cody would leave in the fall of 2017 to be replaced by JC Patterson in early 2018.)




The band premiered its sound with the single “Come Alive” in the winter of 2015. Then returned
to Empire Sound Studio in the spring of 2016 to record “From Afar”, “What You’ve Done” &
“Fight for Life.” The tracks were soon released to the public on a 4-track EP.





After the release of its EP, the band experienced a growing popularity and was soon featured on
Arkansas’ The Fort 94.5’s “Arklahoma Grown” series; and named “Band of the Month” for April
2017 by Krave Radio along with many other accomplishments.




They continued to work with Grammy-nominated and multi-award winning producer Alex Gerst
to complete their album, “Finding Your Way Out”; and in June 2017, Reliance Code released the
album to the public. “Finding Your Way Out” is an extension of the band’s popular EP, and
consist of 8 tracks. With a great mix of heavy, melodic, and pop-rock tunes, the album brings a
unique sound that is sure to appeal to all ages and genres.





The album tells a story of overcoming addiction, dealing with heartache, learning to live in the
moment and make the most out of life. In November 2016, the band signed with Rock Solid Talent Entertainment Record Label in the
U.K. Soon thereafter, head executive Phil Taylor gave press releases in London England, New
York City, & L.A. to announce the new addition to his label.





Since taking to the stages in late July of 2016, Reliance Code has performed with national
touring acts such as 3 Pill Morning, Texas Hippie Coalition, Gemini Syndrome, and
HELLYEAH. The two highlights of RC’s early career would be making the official line up for
Rocklahoma 2017, as well as being scheduled to perform on the Main Stage at Lynchburg,
Virginia’s Blue Ridge Rock Festival September 9, 2017.





Cody Peebles left the band in the fall of 2017 shortly after the Blue Ridge Festival. The band
carried on as a 4 piece for the remainder of their scheduled shows and then took a break to
replace him. February 2018 the band announced the addition of JC Patterson to fill the void.
The band has several shows lined up for 2018!! Be sure to follow Reliance Code for upcoming
show dates!! #KnowTheCode






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