Interview With Jeff Losawyer Of VOODOO MOONSHINE 2020





was formed in mid 2003
The debut album “The Decade of Decay” was recorded between April 2004 and January 2005
March 2005 Voodoo Moonshine debut album is released with worldwide distribution through Perris Records
March 16, 2005 Voodoo Moonshine top the Trib-OverRide top 10 charts with single “It’s About Time in the number one slot.

Followed by R.I.P. at number 2. Voodoo was also ranked #1 in the Best New Artist category. April 2005 Announcement of the opening of two new merchandise store” Moonshine Market” and the “Misfit Marketplace” combined, offering over 52 “Voodoo Moonshine “ items and memorabilia.
April 2005 Memphis Label showcase and Voodoo shoot for freshman DVD” The Bottom of the Barrel” Slated for early 2006 release.

June 23 2005 Voodoo Moonshine sign a 12 dates, 22 day European tour scheduling shows in England, Ireland. And Scotland.
June 24, 2005 Airplay in support of the tour begins in Bedford, England with single “Locked and Loaded” in regular rotation on dates
between 6/24 and 7/22/2005 resulting in being voted #1 band seven times
June 24, 2005 “Locked and Loaded” debuts in Japan on “Tokyo Limited FM” resulting in the fans voting Voodoo Moonshine Best
Band six times.

July 1-July 29 2005 “Locked and Loaded” and It’s About Time” are introduced to the airwaves in Dublin, Ireland Voodoo Moonshine
was one of the top three requested bands. Voodoo Moonshine release debut DVD “Bottom of the Barrel”.

September 2005=December 2006 Voodoo Moonshine took a break opting to work on new material and new merchandise as well as
recording, with scattered shows played during that period. Radio Antena, a radio station in Italy adds “Voodoo Moonshine” as an
artist in regular rotation. Print magazine “Strutterzine” in Holland writes a review.

January 2006 Makato.Org listeners vote “Voodoo Moonshine” Artist of the Month”
January 2006 “Voodoo Moonshine “ lock down the top three spots for six weeks on with “Locked and
Loaded” holding the lead followed by the ballad “The One That Got Away” at #2 and R.I.P. in a close 3RD place.