Interview With Zach Sheffield Of Banana Blonde


Banana Blonde is a three piece rock band with members from Birmingham, Alabama and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Zach Sheffield (guitars/vox) and Chris Sims (drums) formed the band in 2014 and started song writing for the first EP. The first LP, The Great Pendulum Swing, came out in 2016. Chris Harrington (bass) was soon added to perform the songs live and complete the current Banana Blonde lineup. In 2018, the second LP This Much Weird was released.


Banana Blonde produces a rock n roll sound with drums, bass, and distorted guitars. The band is influenced by artists like Soundgarden, Motörhead, Black Sabbath, and The Stooges. The main focus of the band is to create original music that’s not persuaded by current trends or popular fads. The goal is to write rock n roll songs that will stand the test of time.