Interview With Dave Look of LOOK 2020






The band Look formed in September 2019. Dave Look (guitarist/vocalist) met Darin Fitz (producer/drummer) online and the project Look was conceived. While living in different cities, Darin in Jacksonville, FL, and Dave Look in Augusta, GA, began a year long collaboration which developed 12 songs that came to be the debut album titled Attrition. Rounding out this power trio on bass, colleague Eddie Helvete was enlisted by Darin Fitz. As for the music creation all song concepts and arrangements are written by Dave, as the logo imprint holds his namesake and with that acknowledgement, Dave uses an extremely unique approach to musical soundscapes. Look crafts a hardened yet modern sound that shamelessly pays homage to the metal of yesteryear. Look’s music is comparable to Black Sabbath, Metallica, Alice in Chains, and Megadeth. Look, a rock solid unit has an infinite ceiling and is being considered by industry professionals as a group to watch for. Look’s 12 song debut “Attrition” is set to be released January 1st 2021. 

Dave Look — Guitarist, songwriter, singer

Additional musicians:
Darin Fitz — Drums
Eddie Helvete — Bass