Interview With Roxy Petrucci And Share Ross Of VIXEN 2017


• Sold over a million albums.
• Had six #1 videos on MTV.
• Had four songs in Billboard’s Top 100.


Vixen was founded in St Paul, MN by guitarist Jan Kuehnemund. Driven by rock star dreams, like so many before her, Kuehnemund packed up her group and headed for Hollywood. Kuehnemund soon re-tooled the lineup to include vocalist Janet Gardner, drummer, Roxy Petrucci, and bassist Share Pedersen (Ross).


Vixen quickly built their reputation playing the infamous Sunset Strip and signed a major label deal with EMI. Vixen’s first hit single, “Edge of a Broken Heart” penned by Richard Marx and Fee Waybill (The Tubes) blasted onto the Billboard charts fueled by heavy video rotation on MTV. Their self-titled freshmen LP garnered two more knee droppers with “Cryin'” and “Love made Me” both charting on the Billboard hot 100 top 40. It was the group’s live performances opening for the Scorpions, Ozzy and Bon Jovi that established Vixen as a premiere rock act to be taken seriously.


In 1990, “Rev it Up”, Vixen’s second LP produced the monster rocker “How Much Love”, scorching ballad, “Love is a Killer”‘ and the upbeat “Not a Minute Too Soon” cementing their reputation not only as formidable performers, but as hit songwriters. The group Vixen-ized their fans on worldwide tours with heavyweights Deep Purple and KISS, which fueled the international frenzy.



The undercurrents coming from the Seattle grunge scene helped strengthen the winds of change and underscored the decision to disband Vixen in 1992. Each band member independently dabbled in various projects until 1997 Gardner and Petrucci teamed up with guitarist Gina Stile releasing “Tangerine” under the Vixen moniker. In 2002 Kuehnemund once again regrouped Vixen with Jenna Sanz-Agero (vocals), Lynn Louise Lowrey (bass) and Kat Kraft (drums). This line-up then went on to tour and release “Live and Learn” and “Extended Versions” from a live performance in Sweden.


It was 2012 when Kuehnemund reached out to Gardner, Petrucci & Ross for their long awaited reunion. Sadly, only days before officially announcing the news, Kuehnemund was diagnosed with cancer and the reunion was put on hold. Jan Kuehnemund, the founding member and lead guitar player for Vixen tragically lost her battle with cancer and passed away October 10th of 2013. Jan touched many souls and will live on through her music.


Realizing that a band belongs to its fans, Gardner, Petrucci and Ross have called upon Stile to join them in continuing the Vixen tradition and honoring the fans.


The Legacy lives on…




Interview With Steven Ray Anastos Of BLACK BAMBI 2017


What do you do when all of your plans go sideways? Picture this: It’s 1990 and you’re in one of, if not the most hotly tipped rock band in the United States. Tons of press, sold out club shows around Southern California and girls lining up as far as the eye can see.


And then … nothing. The ride comes to an abrupt halt and you’re left scratching your head and wondering where and how it all went wrong.


Such is the story of Los Angeles’ one time favorite sons BLACK BAMBI. Says the band’s frontman, Steven Ray Anastos, “Basically, we were orphaned. John Carter, our A&R guy, good friend & mentor, parted ways with Atlantic Records right as we were completing the album. The timing could not have been worse. We were left high & dry and there was no coming back from that.”


Nearly thirty years after the band’s only album was shelved it sees the light of day through 20th Century Music.


Let’s go back to the beginning, though, shall we? The band initially came together when San Diego transplant Steven Ray Anastos left his band City Slick only to discover than another band from his hometown, Aircraft, had also called it a day. Having admired that band’s material, Anastos decided to call guitarist Ronny Jones to see if they might put something together to test the waters and soon after Steven and the bulk of Aircraft were in business as BLACK BAMBI. “We took off right out of the gate writing new songs and rehearsing nearly every single night. It was a very exciting time and we were very optimistic that we had a sound that was unlike anyone else in Los Angeles at that time” recalls Anastos.


Playing their first show at The Whiskey A Go-Go on New Year’s Eve 1987, the band ran through a handful of shows before the rhythm section was ousted in favor of bassist John Grimmett and drummer Dave Casey. “When Ronny & I started looking for a new rhythm section we basically went back to the guys we had played with in previous bands. Dave was in my band City Slick and in Ronny’s band Aircraft, and John and I had played together briefly in Mickey Knight. It came together pretty damn quick and we never looked back.”


At this point the band’s sound became darker and more focused and a buzz was swiftly building throughout the major labels. 1989 would see the band sign with the legendary John Carter at Atlantic Records and they were immediately sent into Enterprise Studios with highly sought after producer Beau Hill behind the board for an album that was scheduled for an early 1990 release. Steven says, “We had the time of our lives during that recording process. It was really a dream come true to be recording with a successful producer such as Beau Hill, and in such a legendary studio. Lots of platinum albums came out of that room and we had very high hopes that we would be the next in line. It was also the high point of the band’s relationship as friends.”


Regarding the band’s songwriting process, Steven says: Our songs always started with Ronny writing a cool guitar riff, which seemed to come very easily to him back then, and I would write the melody and lyrics. I was reading lots of Vampire books at the time and was very much into poetry, Jim Morrison, etc., so lots of the lyrics are a little bit twisted and moody. Again, things always came together effortlessly, and John & Dave certainly added a solid backbone to our sound.


Opening slots with both Badlands and The Black Crowes followed and BLACK BAMBI were primed for major success. And then the bottom fell out. John Carter left Atlantic Records soon after and suddenly the band had none at the label in their corner. Leaving the label shortly after, they began showcasing for other major labels with everyone having a different vision for the band than they had for themselves. Steven recalls: “We were broken hearted, man. Our dreams were slipping though our fingers and there was
absolutely nothing we could do about it. Naturally, the band began to splinter and within a few months we
were done. Since that time, nearly 30 years actually, we have received countless emails & inquiries from
all over the world asking if the LP is available and where it can be purchased. We truly appreciate your
interest and your excitement about our lost album, and now we can say yes, it is available either on Limited
Edition CD or digitally on iTunes. So, come and get it …
Good things come to those that wait, indeed.


Vanity Music Group


Interview With Marc Scherer-Scherer/Batten 2017



Scherer/Batten is of course, none other than vocalist MARC SCHERER (Scherer/Peterik) and star guitarist
JENNIFER BATTEN (Jeff Beck, Michael Jackson).


Together the pair have teamed up with the same musical talent that featured on the 2015 Peterik/Scherer
album ‘Risk Everything’ together with some fresh new faces to help craft an absolute melodic rock gem.


‘BattleZone’ features material exclusively from the Jim Peterik (ex-Survivor, Pride Of Lions, The Ides of March)
songbook. Featuring 8 rare musical gems from Jim’s songwriting vault, the album also features 3 brand new
tracks, written for this project.


That’s 11 new classic songs, produced by Jim Peterik and featuring the impressive lineup of:


All Lead Vocals: Marc Scherer
All Lead Guitars: Jennifer Batten
Backing Vocals: Marc Scherer, Bill Champlin, Bryan Cole, Brian Hemstock, Danette Pahl
Alternate Lead and Rhythm Guitars: Jennifer Batten, Mike Aquino, Dave Carl, Jim Peterik
Bass Guitars: Bill Syniar, Klem Hayes
Keyboards: Jim Peterik, Christian Cullen, Chris Neville, Barb Unger
Drums: Dave Kelly, Ed Breckenfeld
Sax: Mindi Abair


Additional credits include:
Executive Producer: Danette Pahl
Engineered by: Larry Millas
Mastered by: Larry Millas at World Stage Studios and JK Northrup at Alien Productions
Mixed by: Jim Peterik and Larry Millas
Keyboard Programming: Larry Millas and Christian Cullen
Art Direction and Cover Art: Nello Dell’Omo


Jim Peterik comments: “As a long time enthusiast of Marc Scherer’s vocal chops and the expertise of rock guitar
goddess Jennifer Batten, you can imagine how excited I am at the release of Scherer/ Batten ‘BattleZone’ album.
As a song writer and producer, it was a dream come true mining some lost gems from my many years in rock,
producing them to a new lustre and even writing three brand new cuts with Marc and Jennifer – Cuts Deep, The
Harder I Try and the title track BattleZone.


Andrew McNeice and Danette Pahl of Melodic Rock Records gave me the artistic leeway and financial support to
create the album of a lifetime.


Working with one of the best engineers in the business, Larry Millas, and musicians like multiple Grammy Award
Winner Bill Champlin of Chicago, bassist Bill Syniar (formerly of Survivor), Mike Aquino (guitarist and singer from
World Stage), and two-time Grammy Nominated saxophonist, Mindi Abair, along with Dave Kelly and Bryan
Cole, brought depth and texture to the tracks that is palpable.

You can hear our excitement in every song. I guess you can see I’m pumped.
I dare you to crank up BattleZone or Tender Fire or Crazy Love and not rediscover why you fell in love with
melodic rock in the first place. I double dare ya!!”


Jennifer Batten: “It was such a pleasure to jump into such a high level inspiring project! Marc’s vocals are out of
this world, the grooves are kickin’, and working with Jim Peterik is so joyous and creative. I can’t wait to take
this to the stage!”


And finally, the vocalist fronting this extraordinary project, Marc Scherer: “Even something as innocuous as
lunch with Jim Peterik can inspire great things…
It was during one such meeting that Jim and I conceived of an album showcasing his lost musical treasures.
Thanks to the contributions of long-time Peterik enthusiast and personal friend Danette Pahl of MelodicRock
Records, we now have lift-off!


While the brain trust of talent surrounding Jim enhances any idea, this album is extra special because it features


a collaboration with one of the world’s greatest guitarists, Jennifer Batten – who played three world tours with
Michael Jackson and two with Jeff Beck. They say you know when it’s right in the first 30 seconds, but in this
case, you can sense the magic in the first few notes. BattleZone blends the songwriting craftsmanship and
storytelling genius of Jim Peterik with the artistry of some of the most amazing musicians in the business. As
Jennifer observed, the battle can be internal: the fight to be better, to raise the bar and challenge yourself while
stirring the musical cauldron. I truly believe that we have captured lightning in a bottle and I’m so eager for
everyone to share in this experience.”


Scherer/Batten ‘BattleZone’ will be released via MelodicRock Records on CD & Digital September 22.


Marc Scherer Official Fan Page

Jim Peterik

Jennifer Batten

Meldoic Rock Records

Andrew McNeice

Alien Porductions


Interview With George Becker Of Jaded Past 2017


Jaded Past is out of NJ and is Signed to Melodic Rock Records. with 2 CDS Out Produced by Steve Brown (Trixter)

Jaded Past puts on a high energy concert show of down & dirty, good old rock n roll!
second to none!!!

Jaded Past is the creation of lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter George Becker.
George Becker has been a Long time veteran of the East Coast Music Scene and has shared the stage with numerous national acts.

Over the past 3 years Jaded Past has played the following states:
NJ , NY , PA , CT , MA , RI , TN , MD and more
With the following national acts:
Faster Pussycat, Mike Tramp (White Lion), LA Guns, Warrior Soul,
London Quireboys, Trixter, Hookers n Blow (Dizzy Reed of Guns n Roses),
Tracii Guns (LA Guns), Cherrie Currie (Runaways), Y & T, Spread Eagle,
Bullet Boys and Many More…

For the 2017/2018 live shows, Becker has enlisted the amazing line-up of:

George Becker on Lead Vocals, Guitar,
Scott LaFlamme (Bang Tango) on Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jason Cornwell (Eric Martin Band) on Bass, Backing Vocals
Derrick Pontier (Great White) on Drums. Backing Vocals





Interview With Bryan Cole 2017


BRYAN COLE was born in a middle class suburb of Pittsburgh, PA. He began singing and
playing guitar at age five. By the age of seven, he performed his first show in front of tenthousand
people. Bryan credits his biggest vocal influence as former Journey front man Steve
Perry. Other vocal influences include Dann Huff, Lou Gramm, Joe Lynn Turner, David
Coverdale and the late Jimi Jamison.


While his main musical influence is AOR/Melodic Rock, Bryan grew to respect and draw
influences in Blues, R&B, Jazz and Country. As an accomplished guitarist, Bryan credits some of
his main influences as Dann Huff, Steve Lukather, Reb Beach, Neal Schon and Brent Mason.


Throughout his childhood and young adult life, Bryan performed in many local and regional
bands. He credits one of his breakthroughs as when he was asked to sing for Winger/Whitesnake
guitarist Reb Beach’s solo band. Performing and opening for many greats as Ted Nugent, Quiet
Riot, Eddie Money and more.


After years of hard work and learning experiences, Bryan decided to begin a solo career. He
quickly gained notice and respect among his peers with his ability to step into any musical
situation, regardless of musical genre. He could do it all! His on stage energy and passion was
shown in each and every performance.


In addition to being a great live performer, Bryan was gaining studio experience as well. He
developed into a polished studio session player as well as a sought after record producer.


After recording a demo version of a Brett Walker/Carl Dixon song “More Than A Memory”,
Bryan was contacted by an old friend in Nashville, TN , who introduced Bryan to one of his
heros Jim Peterik: founding member of the band Survivor. Peterik had the perfect songs to fit
Bryan’s soaring vocals and melodic guitar skills . It was time to make a record!


Bryan began working on demos and writing songs in his home studio. While he was
unsuccessful in finding the right musicians that understood his musical vision, he was extremely
successful in recruiting former Giant bassist Mike Brignardello. Mike proved to be the perfect fit
for the project. Upon completion of the music recording, Bryan recruited long time friend and
mix engineer Doug Kasper to mix the record at nearby Tonic Recording Studios.


While completing several rough mixes, Bryan was entertaining options with various record
labels. He wanted a label that understood and respected his musical vision as well as allow him
to retain complete creative control over the music. In the Spring of 2016, he found the perfect
choice in Melodic Rock Records. Upon submitting several rough mixes to MRR, label President
Andrew McNeice approached Bryan with a record deal and in October of 2016, Bryan Cole
signed with Melodic Rock Records. Bryan’s new album “SANDS OF TIME” was released in late
November 2016 worldwide.


The positive reviews came right away! Both media and fans embraced Bryan Cole and the
“Sands Of Time” album completely, where it was noted to be one of the top debut MelodicRock
albums and boasted some of the highest debut record sales in the label’s history.


Bryan also endorses InTune Guitar Picks and ADK Custom Series Professional Studio


Most recently Bryan was asked to join original members of GIANT Dann Huff, David Huff,
Mike Brignardello and Mark Oakley, for a Sold Out 25th Reunion show in Nashville, TN. Also
joining the lineup was Vixen Keyboardist Tyson Leslie. Bryan Cole assumed the role of lead
singer for the reunion show.


Bryan Cole is currently working on his next album, due out early 2018 on MelodicRock











Interview With Sabrina Fallah 2017


Sabrina Fallah is a rock artist from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. A natural on stage with her polished vocals to her guitar playing, this talented singer-songwriter has a powerful voice and a lot of personality. Sabrina has already made a name for herself by performing wherever possible over the years.


Some of her music influences include Green Day, Bon Jovi and Billy Idol. You can hear a bit of each of her mentors in her original songs where their influences have become a part of her unique blend of style.


She performs widely in Ottawa, Toronto and extensively in Central Canada. She has entertained audiences at various Canadian and international venues and festivals, as well as charity events.


The first EP of original songs by Sabrina Fallah was recorded in England by producer Stuart Epps, who has worked with notables like Elton John, Led Zeppelin and the like. This was released as her self-titled rock EP on iTunes. Songs from this EP are played on radio, particularly by Canadian, U.S. and European university, college and online radio stations.


Sabrina released her single “The Frontline” along with an Official Video in August 2015. Chris Birkett, an award winning producer, produced “The Frontline”. He has worked with some of the biggest names in music: Peter Gabriel, Quincy Jones, Buffy Sainte Marie, Sinead O’Connor, and more.


In February 2016, Sabrina made a trip to Nashville, Tennessee where she had the opportunity to co-write with several songwriters and record brand new songs with veteran producer Kent Wells. Sabrina filmed two acoustic videos for two tracks from her EP, which were acoustically recorded. Her new EP “Kiss Is a Killer” and her videos can be heard and seen on her official website as well as on her other social media sites. You can now purchase her EP on iTunes.






Interview With Erik Larsson Of APOCALYPSE ORCHESTRA 2017

Erik Larsson – Lead vocals, guitars, mandola, cittern
Jonas Lindh – Guitars, mandola, backing vocals
Mikael Lindström – Hurdy gurdy, bagpipes, rauschpfeife, backing vocals
Rikard Jansson – Bass, mandola, backing vocals
Andreas Skoglund – Drums and percussion, backing vocals


Standing with one leg in medieval times and the other in modern metal, Apocalypse Orchestra weaves their own special tapestry of music. The tones of the hurdy gurdy and the bagpipe entwines the heavy guitars and music separated by over 800 years meet.


The band was formed by musical partners in crime Mikael Lindstrom and Erik Larsson, inspired by their love for folk music and slow metal they decided to combine the two. With a foundation of original music and lyrics but also incorporating melodies from as far back as the 11th century, the goal was to create a musical homage to a bygone musical era.


After an initial period of writing music, the band needed to prepare for the stage, thus Jonas, Rikard and Andreas, all long time friends of Mikael and Erik, was asked to join.


The quintet’s debut album, The End Is Nigh, which focuses on tales of the plague, hell, and the meaninglessness of war and suffering, was recorded throughout the latter half of 2016. The drums were tracked at Studio Overlook by William Blackmon (Gadget, Beardfish, Isole) while the rest of the album was recorded at Studio Bordun by the band themselves. Per Nilsson of Scar Symmetry and Zierler mixed the record at Studio Kabyss.


Kicking off with the album’s first single, “The Garden of Earthly Delights,” the band then crashes into “Pyre,”a song about the witch trials, Spanish Inquisition and wrongful accusations. “Flagellants Song” launches an epic tale of self mutilation, blind love of the divine and deluded ideas of salvation whereas “Exhale” gives deep thought about mankinds mortality and fear of death. The albums crescendo, “Here Be Monsters” gazes into the far distant, across the sea, and into the abyss, but is it an epiloge or a prologue?


Since their inception in 2013, Apocalypse Orchestra have become a familiar entity on the Swedish club circuit as well as making the festival rounds. With a live show that features theatrical performances (sometimes utilizing actors and dancers), fire and projected animation, the band has become one of the most talked about acts currently playing out. The band feels the theatrical element can enhance the music, giving it the feel of classic storytelling.


A performance was given with the Gävle Symphonic Orchestra and a chamber choir, melding the philharmonic with metal and folk music during a night of crossover music in a sold out concert hall. The event was instigated by the band Entombed, who also took the stage the same night.


Apocalypse Orchestra always looks forward as well as inward, to seek answers to some of history’s biggest questions, as well as taking a critical look at some common medieval myths. Lyrical themes ranges from everyday toils of the common man in the dark ages, onwards to art, science and literature, all the way to otherworldly views of existence.








Interview With Bret Kaiser Of Madam X 2017


Bret Kaiser – Bret started singing rock and roll in 1976, after watching his younger brother Bruce,
performing in a band called “FLAX”. When “the King” passed in ‘77, Bret’s aspirations to be a rock singer
became reality. Bret’s musical career has taken him from New York to London via Hollywood and back
again. A veteran performer, Bret’s powerful vocals garnered him a gold record and 2 MTV music videos
in 1984 when he fronted ‘80’s MTV metal band, Madam X.


After tours in the U.S. & England, record
label and management issues brought him back home to New York where, upon leaving Madam X in
1985, he formed KAISER. With a large regional following they re-emerged as the Bowry Boyz, touring
the U.S. as a Budweiser Concerts band into the mid ’90’s. It was during this time touring that Bret made
his first ‘pilgrimage’ to Memphis. Even then, while playing in a Rock club in Memphis, Bret sang several
Elvis tunes despite fronting a metal band.


Bret started doing his musical tribute to the King in 2003 to
packed crowds and enthusiastic fans all over. Sometimes you can catch him in a departure performance
that pays homage to the crooners called ‘An Evening with Bret Kaiser’ or in a bejeweled jumpsuit doing
his ‘Forever Elvis’ tribute show or as the face and voice that fronts his Rockabilly, early fifty’s band ’56.
Reunited with all the original members of Madam X in 2014, the reunion that was 25 years in the making
happened before 12,000+ of the loudest, most loyal MADAM X fans in the world: SWEDEN ROCK


SRF believed and fans from the world-over screamed their welcome-back by chanting
lyrics to both old and new MADAM X metal anthems! In February 2016, they rocked the high seas at
“MONSTERS OF ROCK CRUISE 2016 – Shredders from the East” where 4 brand-new, face-melting songs
from the upcoming album were debuted exclusively for MORC cruisers! Reviewers have raved, with fans
worldwide demanding more shows featuring the uniquely balanced, inexorable male/female 4-plex
assault on your eyes and ears that only this original 4-some called MADAM X can deliver up!
MADAM X IS READY TO UNLEASH NEW MUSIC – with a new, full-album anticipated release in 2017
called “MONSTROCITY”. X-ers worldwide are demanding more Madam X – with new show dates
coming in 2018 – thus establishing MADAM X as the hot, molten-metal powerhouse who seemingly
never-EVER left the arena!






Interview With Andrew W Boss 2017




Depending upon what circles you travel in, rap metal tends to get a lot of flack.  Often opined as unmelodic, unimaginative, nonsensical and angst ridden by the general public, Salt Lake City’s Andrew W. Boss is here to change that view of the genre.


Weaned on a musical diet of Metallica, Korn, Tupac, Beastie Boys, Mudvayne and the like, Boss began to enjoy bands and musicians that were different and special, willing to experiment outside of mainstream artists and sounds. Boss first got the musician bug when he went to his brother’s concert in downtown Salt Lake City. He was 10 years old and tiny and the band had him wear a shirt that said “Head of Security.”


Andrew began recording in 2003, trading studio time for weed, and has completed half a dozen albums to date, both solo projects and projects with bands.  “I started out straight writing and recording hip hop, not really having a plan or any organization, then I was in a band with my brother Flip for a while in Phoenix and really focused on the writing process and recording process.”


For his latest release, Invincible, Boss has teamed up with uber producer Jim Fogarty (Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, Shadows Fall, etc) to deliver an album that transcends the rap metal tag.  Equal parts rhymes, melodic and pure brutality, Invincible kicks off with the crushing “Avengers,” which leads straight into the first single, “Kleen.” “Kleen is definitely a fan favorite, and it’s personal to me because it depicts my troubles with getting sober,” the singer states. The stage dive ready punch of the title track features Chelsea Grin drummer Pablo Viveros guesting with Boss on drums, gass and guitars. “I met Pablo’s wife through my 9 to 5 a while back and she found out I was a musician and showed my stuff to him. We ended up hangin’ out at his studio when I was writing Invincible and he’s like, ‘I got this song I’ve been working on, you wanna use it?’ so I jumped on that. The demanding “Let Me Hear You” is a modern day anthem, opening with Boss chanting “Put your fucking hands up” repeatedly while the pop infused “Breaking Bridges” features Poonhammer singer and Andrew’s older brother Adam, guesting with him on lead vocals.


Recorded between Salt Lake City, UT and Phoenix, AZ where Boss’s drummer Cory Michalski lives, all the tracks were recorded and sent to Fogarty in Westfield, MA for Jim to add his definitive magic touch. “I would have loved to have shipped the whole band to Jim’s studio for a month but it wasn’t possible with our timeline. But, I think it worked out better this way because I’m kinda anal about my work, and sending a song to Cory in Phoenix or Jim in MA, letting them work on it and finish it without me breathing down their necks probably worked out for the better. I think that working model helped us all grow, actually. It definitely shows in the way the album turned out.”






Interview With Zach Sheffield Of Banana Blonde 2017


Banana Blonde is a three piece rock band that was formed in 2013 by Zach Sheffield, Chris Sims, and Chris Harrington. It’s a project that grew out of the frustration with the lack of original music on a local level. The band’s influences range from Soundgarden and The Stooges to Prince and Little Richard. Banana Blonde listens to anything and everything that has the rock and roll spirit.


Fed up with music that was being labeled as rock, the main idea was to create a band that would put out original music featuring distorted guitars, heavy drums, and wailing vocals. Sims and Zach recorded the first batch of songs on the self-titled EP, then went back to the studio to add three more songs for the release of The Great Pendulum Swing.