Interview With Zach Sheffield Of Banana Blonde 2017


Banana Blonde is a three piece rock band that was formed in 2013 by Zach Sheffield, Chris Sims, and Chris Harrington. It’s a project that grew out of the frustration with the lack of original music on a local level. The band’s influences range from Soundgarden and The Stooges to Prince and Little Richard. Banana Blonde listens to anything and everything that has the rock and roll spirit.


Fed up with music that was being labeled as rock, the main idea was to create a band that would put out original music featuring distorted guitars, heavy drums, and wailing vocals. Sims and Zach recorded the first batch of songs on the self-titled EP, then went back to the studio to add three more songs for the release of The Great Pendulum Swing.







Interview With Sean Magee Of Apocalyptic Lovers 2017



Apocalyptic Lovers release EP mixed by legendary producer Michael Wagener.

The Apocalyptic Lovers released a new 8-song EP on National Record Store Day USA – April 16, 2016. Redemption Vol. 1 was mixed by legendary producer, Michael Wagener (Ozzy, Metallica, Skid Row, Dokken, Motley Crue, Poison, Alice Cooper, and Extreme to name a few) and is reminiscent of the days when arena rock and music videos ruled the airwaves.


The band (George Allan – Bass, Dave Hope – Drums, Robert Kane – Vocals, Sean Magee – Guitar, Mike Nagy – Bass – yes two bassists) is very optimistic that this collaboration could be what finally gets them over the wretched music-business hump.


When the band originally formed years ago, most of the members were from Ohio(U.S.A.). The five members now populate great cities in AZ, OH, PA, RI & VA, but this has not deterred them from writing, recording, marketing, and planning world domination one fan at a time.


The EP was recorded at Mindrocket Studio in Pennsylvania and then mixed over 12 days in Nashville with Michael Wagener at his Wireworld Studio. The band released videos for Change of Frequency on March 8th and Killing For A Living on May 13th. The video for Killing For A Living is a tribute to the early Iron Maiden video for Run to the Hills. The Independent release of Redemption Vol I is available worldwide via download from iTunes, Amazon & Google Play. The compact disc is available worldwide per Amazon & a very limited version is available for purchase & shipping via The Record Connection in Niles, Ohio USA. The band is currently booking shows & seeking a label home for Redemption Vol I & their 9 future releases at this time.


About Apocalyptic Lovers:
Originally based out of Youngstown, Ohio, The Apocalyptic Lovers (formerly Love And War) played regionally, and made a trip to LA in 1994. The LA excursion led to a mention in Entertainment Weekly Magazine (USA), which snowballed into two distribution deals overseas at the time.


The band plans to release a 10-EP collection of updated vintage material with a sprinkling of brand new songs. The first of the collection, Redemption Vol. I, is complete and available worldwide. The band has material ready for Volume II and plans on hitting the studio shortly after the completion of any committed tour dates. Judging by the amount a material they have ready to go, fans will not have to wait a Def Leppard’s length in time for new material from the Apocalyptic Lovers.


TRACK LISTING: 1. Better Days 2. Killing for a Living, 3. Change of Frequency 4. Who the Hell Are You? 5. Left In the Cold 6.The Groove 7. These Tears 8. Dying Day



Interview With Ray Stamf ( Razor ) 2017

Born an raised in the streets of Syracuse NY I’ve developed the gift to see the real an make music from the trials of the good an bad in life. Life has taught me so much it’s time I share my journey. The pain is what keeps the hits coming an the hunger is how I stay focused.. life doesn’t come with instructions we create them. There will be no off days no such thing as breaks. Even out with the family an kids I still manage to find a way to write my 2 hook 2 verses excersise to keep my pencil sharp as I know soon I will be one of the Best that’s ever done it. Music is life! it has the power to change a whole room, town maybe even the whole world. I have a message in all my music an you can learn from them. Take a listen to the journey with me!



Interview With Donnie Vie From Enuff Z’ Nuff 2017

Donnie Vie; one of rock’s biggest secrets who has been crafting melodic power pop and rock
songs for over 30 years. He and his band were instant critics’ darlings with a debut record that
soared up the charts generating two long playing MTV hits, a “Top Pick” from Rolling Stone
Magazine, and inciting numerous TV and radio performances with repeat invitations from David
Letterman and Howard Stern.

That band was Enuff Z’Nuff, and led by Grammy Nominated, Don
nie Vie’s songwriting sensibilities and distinctive melodic vocals they continued on to make
some truly great records. Over those years, Donnie has amassed over 25 albums’ worth of songs
and decades of live shows to his name, both with and without his former band. Now a solo act,
Vie continues his songwriting and performing under his own name, and recently completed his
solo tour of Europe in the summer of 2015.
Rolling Stone Magazine described Donnie’s writing skills as “Beatle-esque pop songcraft and
ripping hard rock”, whereas Billboard Magazine says, “If there is such a thing as false
advertising in rock & roll, then Enuff Z’nuff is one of its textbook examples. Packaged in garish
peace-glam attire by their record company, the group was wrongly lumped in with the
disposable pop-metal bands of the late ’80s rather than appreciated for the truly gifted power pop
act that they were.”
Though Enuff Z’Nuff was inaccurately portrayed from the beginning, Vie’s first, hard rocking
fan base is still his strongest. The members of this cult-like following recognize Donnie’s
musical genius and embrace his poetic nature with its signature hooks. His supporters remain
some of his most faithful, loyal and enthusiastic out there, and it is these fans who say “[These]
songs will stand the test of time because his songwriting and melody are magical.” – Marcel
“Mars” Groeneveld from



Interview With JV And TEEJ 2017

Friends since the 4th grade, and writing rhymes ever since, JV and TEEJ take their skills to the next level with Stay Fresh: The JV & TEEJ Project. Thick beats and melodic tones laced with vivid rhymes and concepts take listeners on a journey.

Having taken a short hiatus from recording together, and each doing a solo
project, JV and TEEJ find themselves back together to release their 3rd album as a duo. Creating a strong buzz in their hometown and garnering attention from local DJ’s and Radio Stations, Stay Fresh looks to be the best release to date.

No strangers to live performances and large crowds, they are known to captivate their audience. Non-stop energy and crowd involvement have kept JV and TEEJ at the top of all venues in and around NY’s capital region.

Their latest concept of “music on a mission” has inspired JV and TEEJ to do what they love, and give back to the community that has supported them. That is why a portion of all musical proceeds from Stay Fresh will be donated to the Schenectady City Mission’s back pack program. A program created to help ensure that Schenectady City School kids go home on the weekends with something to eat. Two down to earth guys looking to share their talent with anyone who listens.



Interview With Jens Westin Of CORRODED 2017


Defcon Zero isn’t just Corroded’s first new album in five years – it’s also their first release for Despotz Records, which has opened brand new possibilities for Corroded and given them the firepower to further strengthen their position – both nationally and internationally – picking up right where ‘State of Disgrace’ left off without missing a beat.

“The goal with this album is the usual – complete world domination!” exclaims singer/guitarist Jens Westin explains with a hint of mischief in his voice. And while we’ll never know if he’s taking himself completely seriously with that statement, the way the band approached the material on Defcon Zero gives good measure that his words way very well ring true. The band spent 6 months holed up in Ninetone Records studio self-producing the new album (aside from “A Note To Me” which was produced by Pontus Frisk), delivering eleven tracks of pure aggression combined without losing any of their melodic approach. “We worked solely within the band this time as we entered this process, with only some raw ideas without any preconceptions. From there on everybody contributed. The creative process was based on our live performances and we had tremendous fun while recording.”


As far as the lyrical content on Defcon Zero, Westin expresses, “When it comes to the lyrics I want everyone to make up their own opinion to what the songs are about. I think that you can compare it to reading a book, and after that look at the screen version. You are mostly a bit disappointed because the characters don’t look like they did in your own mind.”


In the past, the band brought focus to themselves by creating music for the globally popular video game Battlefield and writing background music for the television show “Expedition Robinson” (aka “Survivor”). “It’s almost impossible to understate the importance of these two possibilities that we had in terms of PR. When it comes to “Expedition Robinson”, we went from absolutely nothing to a household name in Sweden. And the same goes for Battlefield play4free but in a much broader spectrum in terms of countries and exposure.”




Interview With Brad Coletti Of SCARE CARD 2017

Photo Courtesy Jodi B. Darling  Facebook

Jeff started out in Las Vegas with a band called Liquid Skye who wrote and recorded a full length album and have done shows withe Slash, Joan Jett, and U.F.O. . Brad, Rob, Sean and Dave were collectively known in Tucson as Nightfall Ave. with a respective following in Tucson, and have played with everyone from Queensryche to U.F.O. They later joined forces in 2015 to create SCARE CARD.


The five have a common goal of writing, recording and playing great rock and roll. In our short time together, we have opened for Jack Russell’s Great White, Bang Tango, Slaughter, Bret Michaels, Lynch Mob and we were direct support for Red Sun Rising.


We recently finished and released our 5 song EP and did a huge CD release show at the Rialto Theatre in Tucson, AZ, We’ve had some radio play and were featured on the test department on KFMA as well as performing live (acoustic). We play in Tucson and Phoenix and we are planning shows in California and the West Coast circuit.



Interview With Brandon Lee Of TRIBULANCE 2017


With each new metal/trash band that hits the scene comes the challenge of standing out in a segment characterized by cookie-cutter style and classification. Equally problematic is an at times harsh and abrasive vocal style that might be described as an “acquired taste” at best. The significance being that a good percentage of metal/trash bands all end up sounding the same. The rare exception is in which a metal/trash band blends thrash with some sort of other form of music/melody. The latest group to get in on this metal/trash renovation, and perhaps start the wave and convey “old school” roots to a modern spherical freshness, is Tucson, Arizona’s TRIBULANCE.

Hard hitting, no-nonsense metal with a “go big or go home” attitude, TRIBULANCE displays an aptitude equal to any national act on the scene today. Thriving on an energetic live show, dynamic stage presence, complete with stage props, hard hitting music, and an image to boost, TRIBULANCE will stop at nothing to prove they have what it takes to be taken seriously in the Metal/Heavy Metal/Trash world.

Reborn in 2012 from the ashes of 1998, (TRIBULANCE got its start in 1995 with its top 10 debut full-length album “Trial and Tribulations,” and disband in 1998 after industry shortfalls) original founding members Michael Vidal, Sal Flores, and Gino Silva recruited drummer Brandon Lee, picked up the pieces where they left off a few shorts years earlier and have hit the ground running. Little doubt is left by TRIBULANCE as to its metal/thrash roots in that its interspersed throughout their highly anticipated 2017 release “The Aftermath of Lies.”

In a world of one hit wonders; credit TRIBULANCE for a strong production on an independent release. “The Aftermath of Lies” stands out as one of those rare albums to merge the all-out aggressive with pleasing melody. Their “old school” trash moments are balanced by the groups engaging songwriting and varied vocals of Michael Vidal, who complements the heavy nature of TRIBULANCE’s music without coming across overbearing.

Often compared to, or similar as Judas Priest, Disturbed, Megadeth, Sacrament, Sevendust, and a few other heavy hitters, look no further than the opening song “Oblivious” on their upcoming release “The Aftermath of Lies” for any sort of conclusion. If interested in a joining of the aggressive and the melodic, what we have here is an unambiguous as it gets tease! Upholding an attacking presence directly out of the gate as chugging heavy thrash riffs, gutsy bass, thunderous blast beats accompanied by solid bass drum patterns, shouting backing vocals, and a powerful vocalist who at times crosses melodic and other driving vocal styles upon the traditional metal aesthetic that any fan of Halford would be proud of, TRIBULANCE is one band to keep an eye on.

TRIBULANCE is one of those rare bands that merge all out aggression with pleasing melodies, all while upholding their metal/trash roots.

“We believe in staying true to who we are and where we came from!” says drummer Brandon Lee. “I think what makes us who we are is we all come from different music backgrounds. While we’re all rooted in metal of some sort, it’s our individual tastes that lends its way into what we produce as TRIBULANCE.”

While playing shows around the Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona area is critical in maintaining and building a fan base, TRIBULANCE has set their sights slightly higher and are gunning for the world. Working on national

press, and worldwide distribution, TRIBULANCE is gearing up for big things with the highly anticipated sophomore release “The Aftermath of Lies” due out in May 2017. Stay Tuned…



“A very talented group of guys, an act who literally blew me away at a recent show, with both their live performance, style, and approachable nature.”



“Everything was entirely competent with these guys, and every one of them was expressive, moved around, had interesting riffs, great songs, and even brought a light show.”



“Mike Vidal brandishes an amazing set of pipes that any fan of hard rock/metal can appreciate.”


“They’ve got some big stuff coming their way…”

-Sneaky Pete 92.1 KFMA-


“The ‘Aftermath of Lies’ mix is crisp enough for proper separation of instrumentation, while mastering provides enough polish, but not so much to take away from the bands inherent energy.”

-Andrew Rockwell-







Interview With Jim Crean 2017

Award Winning Vocalist/Songwriter Jim Crean is a recording/touring musician for well over 35 years.He has fronted many Regional and National Recording artist’s .He has won numerous awards 2013,2014 & 2015 Best Original Male Vocalist.In 2015 he was inducted in the Night-Life Hall Of Fame Lifetime Achievement award’s.


Crean released four Solo album’s on Major Label’s.Most Recently He released The highly anticipated new album titled “Insatiable” on Carmine Appice’s label Rocker Records .


Jim Crean “Insatiable” features a who’s who of Iconic Legendary All-Star musicians such as Carmine Appice (Rod Stewart/Ozzy Osbourne/Vanilla Fudge/Cactus/Pink Floyd/Blue Murder) Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath/Dio/Heaven & Hell/Derringer/John Lennon) Mike Tramp (White Lion/Freak Of Nature) Phil Lewis (LA Guns/Girl) Frank Dimino (Angel) Martin Slott (Push) Jimmy Bain (Rainbow/Dio) Tony Franklin (The Firm/Blue Murder/Whitesnake) Robby Lochner (Jack Russell’s Great White/Rob Halford’s Fight)


Crean is the Vocalist for the Award winning 2014 & 2015 Popular Tribute Band Hair Nation.He is Also the Lead Vocalist for the National Band The Appice Brother’s.



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Interview With Nikki Layne Of Lucid Fly 2017

Pulling their name from a newspaper headline that read: “Lucid Flies into the Record Book,” about astronaut Shannon Lucid, melodic prog rockers Lucid Fly founders Nikki Layne (vocalist) and Doug Mecca (guitarist) were obviously onto something very unique from the start.

Starting their musical journey in Orlando, FL, they steadily built a strong and loyal following throughout the Southeast and Midwest through constant touring; the band cut its teeth performing throughout the region on a regular basis and working their way up to larger clubs along the way, as well as expanding their fanbase out to Atlanta and Austin, amongst other cities. In 2005 they released their debut Ep, ‘Adapting to Gravity,’ which was met with overwhelming praise from fans throughout the region.

2007 arrived and Layne and Mecca realized that they had taken things as far as they could in their hometown and surrounding areas and decided they needed to uproot, setting their sights on the West Coast. “We wanted to jump into a more challenging scene where many musicians went for the sole purpose of taking their music further. A change in scenery seemed to fit our ever-changing way of songwriting, and we were looking to try that outside of our home comfort zone so to speak,” says Doug. “We really wanted to be where the caliber of musicianship was known to be top-notch and where there is more opportunity in general,” adds Nikki.

Los Angeles, CA to be exact.

Leaving the Sunshine State for The Golden State, the duo landed in the city that has spawned millionaire rock stars and has broken the souls of so many others. Within two months they met seasoned drummer Aaron Ficca and they were off and running. Culling a new band together, Lucid Fly v2.0 began setting LA on its collective heel, hitting local venues such as the legendary Key Club and Roxy as well as the iconic Viper Room, and releasing ‘The Escape Stage’ in 2009. The Ep was met with fan and critical praise, further reinforcing the band’s faith in themselves. “The bar was definitely higher in LA across the board, as far as talent, ambition, showmanship, experience, and the level of performance. We’ve taken all that in as part-education part-inspiration to elevate everything we had done before, and to truly find our voice in our creative process,” clarifies Nikki.

In 2011, the band started experimenting with new material and began developing a new way of writing together, all the while doing a short stretch of stripped down performances to refine their new ideas. “We learned to use technology to manipulate our live ideas and then bring them back into the rehearsal room,” says Doug. “We were working on our more current sound which started to show a little on ‘Stasis.”’

2013-2014 saw Lucid Fly playing around Southern California as well as hitting Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Las Vegas and prepping what would become 2015’s ‘Stasis’ EP, this time adding Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus and Twelve Foot Ninja) and Adam Barber (Sevendust, Alter Bridge), who both mixed ‘Stasis,’ to the band’s team.

Lucid Fly was also hand picked by Mike Portnoy to participate as part of 2014’s “Progressive Nation at Sea” cruise, performing on the New Millenium Stage alongside 16 other artists, which was a huge shot in the arm for the band. Layne and Mecca reflect back on that cruise: “It was our first international gig, an amazing 4-day musical vacation, full of nonstop live music, food, sun and like-minded music lovers – we made some new friends for life. It was truly an unforgettable experience playing alongside amazing bands like Animals as Leaders, Periphery, Riverside, Devin Townsend, Jolly, The Dear Hunter, Anathema, Jon Anderson and many more!”

With new full length album, Building Castles in Air the band self-produced and recorded in several studios throughout Southern California and Oregon, as well as their own home studio in Los Angeles. “Making all the decisions proved to be tough as it allowed us to explore more than ever before, which meant we had to have the discipline to reel it in and complete what became the biggest recording project by far to date,” explains Doug. They discovered that some of the major differences included the fact that none of the ten tracks on the album had been performed live and time was a major factor, as was budget, of course. “Luckily we had quite a bit of help courtesy of our amazing fans and a very successful IndieGoGo campaign,” relates Nikki. “We had 100% access to Flabbey

Road Studio to do everything possible in a week. It had a great big room so we focused on all the drum tracking. Guitars were done in the home studio, then bass and vocals had to be scheduled around the crowdfunding campaign. Then a final pass with overdubs and editing gave us more input and time to finish these songs than any previous Ep. It was also the first time we tracked and edited ourselves for much of our own recording! How’s that for stressful? Haha.”

They once again turned to ARIA-nominated Savell to mix and master the new album. “He’s brilliant when it comes to mixing and we love his taste in everything he’s had his hand in,” says Nikki. “We went much deeper than we ever did before, layering in ambience and sounds and space, and we knew we could trust that the final mix would come back with everything in its perfect place.”

With Building Castles in Air, Lucid Fly moves the bar a bit higher, challenging themselves more, both musically and emotionally, than they ever had before. Hitting off with “Billowy and Broken,” (about finding a silver lining in life no matter what you may be going through) after which the band launches into “Circles Into Squares,” which touches on self-expectations and where you are at the present time with these ideals, while the album’s first single, “Visions of Grandeur” takes the mantra “If you can dream it, you can do it” to a whole new level. Regarding the album as an entirety, the band says, “We wanted the music to tell the story, through more than just the words. Sonically, we experimented a lot with guitar and vocal tones, dynamics, and layers to capture some of the contrasting themes throughout the album – introspection, melancholy, longing, daydreaming, transformation, and a sense of hope and optimism.”

Drawing influence from artists as varied as A Perfect Circle, TesseracT, Journey and Pat Benatar allows Lucid Fly to open up a bit and not necessarily be pegged as a prog rock only band. “There is definitely never a shortage of musical inspiration out there, and every time we are in creating mode we try to approach things differently in some way.” says Doug. “On this album, musically we definitely stretched our use of time signatures and experimental arrangements, which gave the vocals an added level of playroom but also a challenge to create a listenable and deliberate melody. The tools we used, in particular the Fractal Axe-Fx, gave us an additional palette of sounds to write with, essentially adding another instrument to the band. Ideally we’d love to add another player live and take that idea even further.”

The band says, “Since the beginning we’ve had a drive to express a style unique to Lucid Fly. That same ongoing passion to create fuels a future of music waiting to be written, recorded, and performed for years and ideally, decades, to come.”